AD House

RP- Architecture and Design
  • Minimalist Design
  • Modern Tones
  • Edgy Style
  • Countryside

AD House was designed in a peripheral area near the mountains in a hilly region. Being a complicated building site on the sloping side of a hill, the design should be well thought out from the beginning, and the environment should be studied from the outset.

Design Process

Client requirements and brief paper drawings.
3D Modeling of the first concept.
Rendering and animation exports.
Client approval.
RP- Architecture and Design

The beneficiary has specific requirements regarding the distribution of enclosures on the level surfaces because of a level difference of ~ 8 meters from the eastern boundary of the property, rising to the western boundary. We had to make complex changes to the land to counterbalance the client's necessity with the complex vision of the designer and the architect.

The client is a young IT specialist who wanted a home with a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere that would suit his lifestyle. In this sense, the design was designed
boldly, with strong chromatic accents and straight, sharp shapes.

Being passionate about swimming, the client asked for an area for this sport that can be practiced all year round, so we designed a medium-sized indoor pool, which has access to the terrace.

We are satisfied that this project will be a reference for us and also that we managed to bring to a common denominator the requirements of the client and the final shape of the building thus creating an admirable project.
Designer - David Raymond