D HOUSE – Project Process

Procces of a restauration project from the heart of Romania.


D House is a restoration project of a beautiful neo-romanian style house from the heart of Romania.

A house that attracts attention as you walk by with its admirable architecture and decorations. Due to the elaborately hand-carved flourishes on the windows and the roof battens, the house stands princely on its property. Build in the early 1900s expands a total living area of 306m. Which is estimated together from a basement of 38m, a floor of 148m and an attic of 120m.



detailed roof structure

view of the house and roof with its elaborate decorations

aerial view of the roof

Modeling Process

The Modeling Process began early with the scanning of the Building to generate a point cloud as output. This Point Cloud can be used with its millimeter accuracy as the basis to remodel the building in all its detail.

A so-called digital twin is created which contains every detail one-to-one like the existing, standing building. Once this true-to-life digital twin is finished, the modeling phase is complete and the designer can begin his work. However, the modeling phase is only one of the 4 phases that the project will go through here at Raymond and Partners.

The following phases are described one by one further down the page.

Point Cloud and 3D scan

Detailed modeling in Sketchup

Creating a Digital Twin of the real Building

Final Model in Sketchup