Dr. Giurca House – Project Process


The most beautiful building of Fagaras restored by Raymond and Partners

From the geographical center of
Romania, Fagaras city rises a
towering building with a special
history and a promising future —
the most impressive building with historical and architectural value in the city. A house that any passer-by would have admired for centuries.

Built in 1900, with a history of over a century behind but
also an architecture that highlights its beauty, the iconic
building we are talking about is Dr. Ioan Giurca House —
former primary doctor of Fagaras and also the first owner
of this building, known as House of Marriages.

Its architectural elements belong to the neo- romanesque
(neo-Romanian) architectural style and the element that
makes it even better ranked is its position right across from
Fagaras Fortress — the only Romanian fortress that has
never been conquered.

We are honored to bring back to the building and the city, the appreciation of yesteryear. The restoration process will be
complex, but beautiful, and we as a team will use all our expertise and experience to preserve the beauty of this historic
monument and bring it back to life.
Our goal is to balance the historical value and the beauty of the building with the rehabilitation works necessary to ensure
its future while bringing our contribution to protecting cultural heritage.

The project is composed of several stages, with each of them collaborating with the best specialists in construction

The first phase of the project has already begun, and the most essential step in developing this type of project was to capture
digitally the entire building and its surroundings. For this we requested the services of a company specialized in 3D
scanning. Through this process, by using advanced laser scanners, both the tridimensional space (measurements) and
images can be captured with millimetric precision into a cloud of tens of millions of points.

More than 200 scans were taken capturing every room and every detail of the building and using Autodesc ReCap I’ve put together all the scans into one single usable point cloud.

Using this point clound as reference we created a digital twin of the building by 3D modeling it into SketchUp with maximul precision and detail.

We also used photogrametry for capturing even in more greater detail the specific architectural decorations of the building. This process involves taking multiple photos of the object and using dedicated software to process them and generate a 3D mesh and also it’s texture.

The whole process will be transparent, and the restoration phases will be able to be followed closely on all our Social Media channels.

“It is a privilege and great satisfaction to carry out such a restoration project. This is more than a valuable asset; what we have in front of us is a piece of history and we will make sure that its restoration will be a glorious one.“- said CEO David.

Using this point clound as reference I created a digital twin of the building by 3D modeling it into SketchUp with maximul precision and detail. This model will be used for all the steps we will take during this project: structure and architecture, documentation, interior design, and also architectural vizualisation, CGI, etc

The reel video for Dr. Giurcă House

For the Reel we had to separate the work into main 6 sections to work as productively as possible: Planning, Modeling, Camera Tracking, Light&Shade, Compositing and Editing. It all started with brainstorming and writing of the storyboard.
After all shots were taken we could start with the camera tracking and the prep work like (Roto-Holdout, Paint Out). For the camera tracking, we used Nuke-The Foundry. This program gave us the complete technical possibility to create a perfect track. In Unreal Engine we did all the texturing, lighting and shading.

Modeling, Light&Shade and Compositing had a lot of back and forth until we did the final render. But all was stetted perfectly and we could just update renderings as soon as available. So we could work smoothly all the time due to the project and had our heads free for the creative part of work and were not stuck in technical issues during updating a rendering.

Restauration Process for Dr. Giurca House

Phase One – 3D Scanning and Modeling