DS House


DS House was designed based on the premise that such a home offers tranquility and peace in a noisy and crowded urban space.

The house belongs to a young businessman, with very bold and sophisticated taste. Located on the outskirts of the city, this building has been designed to provide the ideal comfort for both the owner and guests. The house and the space for which the interior design project was carried out, has a surface of 97.02 square meters and is divided according to the needs of the owner: the ground floor is dedicated to the living area, and the first level is designed for the night spaces.

Premium Finishes and Great Functionality

Smart Systems
  • Google Home
  • Lighting Control
  • Music Control
Sound System
  • 7 Speakers
  • 1 Subwoofer
  • 1 Voice Commander
  • Audio Acoustic Insulation
  • 802.11x Wi-Fi
  • Direct Guest Access
  • Bluetooth 5.0
Wireless Thermic Control
  • Voice Control
  • Touch Screen Control
  • Remote Access
The interior design of the house is a blend of harmony between minimalism and luxury, achieved through simplicity, neutrality, and balance of color schemes and the palette of materials chosen. The focus on the principle of ‘less is more’ can be observed in every room, detail, and piece of furniture, aiming to express more with less.  The color tones of the walls vary from neutral, warm, or monochromatic tones to dark accents that give personality and elegance to the interior.
The living room is equipped with accessories for daytime activities and smart systems operated by voice command that, during the evening, transform the premises into a home cinema. To implement this project, we collaborated with electrical and audio engineer specialists to integrate the latest lighting technology, the highest quality audio systems, and satellite-operated video control systems.

We used a limited selection of wood, concrete, and metal to maintain continuity from room to room. We also relied on the strong influence of light in minimalism. The generous expanses of glass visually enlarge the interior space and allow the light to accentuate specific paths, furniture, or rooms, creating a sense of relaxation! The luxury and originality of the house are reflected by high-quality furniture or decorative items, known for their distinctive design and the sophistication they give to each room.


Land Surface


House Footprint


House Useful Area