Maiar Office

RP- Architecture and Design
  • Interior Design
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All the Elrond (now MultiversX) offices carry the sense that ideas are coming to life and blooming there.

The space is located in one of the twin towers within the Business Center ensemble in Sibiu, a city in full development. The towers are two 15-story buildings with a surface of approximately 400mp, which serve as office spaces for international IT companies and banking institutions.

RP- Architecture and Design

The total surface of the space is 393.39mp and is expanded on 80% of the level space.

We had the opportunity to work with MultiversX, a fast-growing company led by a young team of developers and entrepreneurs. The company wanted a friendly and functional space, so we designed one of the three offices that Elrond Network owns in one of the towers – the office on level 14.

Since the building was designed years ago, we had to keep the initial structure of the space. Therefore we had to design the entire office within the original floor plan.

RP- Architecture and Design
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The leading designer picked the theme and, along with the CEO and COO of MultiversX, chose the color palette and the used materials, further deciding on the division of the area into zones inside the office so that the space would accommodate the needs of their employees. The room was divided into four general areas: lounge area, lunchroom, office spaces, and meeting areas separated by glass walls.