Pastry & Coffee Shop

  • Functional Composition
  • Vibrant Chromatics
  • Spacy Feeling

The space was designed to combine the useful with the pleasant by creating two different areas.

Seats at the tables
When we started the project, our first thought was to create a smaller dining space and a larger room for backstock and food production.
It was a complex process, with many changes and adjustments made along the way.
After a lengthy design process that included various modifications to comply with DSP and DSVSA requirements, we created a welcoming and airy environment that supports the mobility of customers walking into the café and also has a bigger dining space and a spacious, pleasant environment. It was a challenging project but one we enjoyed a lot.
The color palette includes warm tones that provide a sense of comfort, and the range of materials used in the interior design has been carefully chosen for both their particular aesthetic and functionality.

Strong Point

We have decided to combine textures that can be cleaned quickly and easily but which harmonize with the neutral tones used on the walls and the darker ceiling, which is the contrasting element. The interior also includes bold details that draw attention and give the space a touch of originality.