Raymond and Partners

A professional team formed of creative minds, united with the same common goal: to make a difference in people’s lives by designing and developing spaces that reflect their type of living.

For us, interior design and architecture mean much more then just beholds the eye: it is a style of living that we strive to pass on to all generations.

At Raymond and Partners

we combine fundamental elements of the interior design industry with passion, innovation, and ingenuity by taking into consideration the efficiency of the medium and practicality of objects.

Finalized projects

We have successfully finished 56 projects in 6 different countries and continue to design spaces to inspire and captivate, creating at the same time genuine values for our clients.


Our vision is to responsibly design spaces that are both functional and aesthetically appealing.

Our passion for design and beauty determines us to excel in the field, giving us the ability to be efficient in implementation and design.
This passion, the impulse for excellence and constant curiosity, guides us every day in our interaction with customers, partners, and each other.

Our commitment to the highest standards of professional values is unwavering.


The creative design studio Raymond and Partners is made up of passionate and dedicated people who aim to provide the highest level of service in both design and work coordination.
Our goal is to improve the relationship between the client, the designer, and the team of operation, thus achieving the desired result. Cooperation allows us to have collective solutions to the challenges we face, solving the problem and finding the perfect solution. Thus, we share a deep desire for how we can improve lives through design.

Entrepreneur, investor, and licensed Interior Designer with extensive and considerable experience in project coordination, FF&E, and 3D design.

A lover of minimalist style, he persists to be recognized for creating smart, friendly, and meaningful spaces in every field of activity.

Fully engaged in the design and architecture industry, formed and influenced by renowned designers and architects from around the world.

Investor, entrepreneur, and mentor with studies in management, sound engineering, and arts, Samoil holistically approaches the field of business, developing strategies to make the process of development and maintenance more efficient.

Being passionate about technology, arts, and sports, he brings a very important contribution to our company.

Extensive knowledge of sustainable building design. A harsh desire to perceive the most Avant technologies in energy-efficient constructions.

Professional in CAD drawings and digital graphics.

Image rendering expert with vast knowledge of VFX and image quality. He developed international film projects for Netflix, HBO, and Amazon Prime studios.

Nahele is the man behind the image. He directs the conceptual idea into the sphere of realism. Responsible for perfect image composition and quality control before every project’s delivery.

Passionate about the rendering and compositing process of images and animations.

A creative person, fully involved in the process of business promotion in the online media.

Passionate about travel and copywriting, she is always up to date with the latest news and developments in the field.

She has proven skills in creating online media strategies for national and international clients.

Investor and entrepreneur.

Graduated in photography and interior design, passionate about visual art and film, Dennis leads the creative department, contributing to the company through his vast knowledge, generating creative concepts and ideas.

Daniel leads the business department at Elrond, one of the most reputable blockchain start-ups in the world, with a net value of over 2 Billion dollars, making the company the second largest bussines in Romania and a European success story in the blockchain technology space.

Daniel provides us with important directions on the business strategy at a global level.